Our achievements so far

Making the Muslin Revival real for Bangladesh

The Muslin Festival exhibition in Dhaka (2016) which launched the true story of muslin to the general public, nationally and globally.

The definitive book on the story of muslin, written by Saiful Islam – ‘Muslin. Our Story’.

A graphic novel in English (In the Land of Muslin) and Bangla (Muslin er Deshey) that gives young readers an illustrated history of this fabled fabric.

A 42 minute documentary film, ‘Legend of the Loom’, in English, which visually encapsulates the story of muslin and has been shown at numerous festivals/cultural events/universities.

Saris and plain cloth made of 200, 250, 300 and 400 count cotton yarn. All of the pieces have jamdani motifs woven within them which were re-created from the collected designs of the past.

Determining the true DNA of ‘phuti karpas’, the extinct cotton plant from which muslin’s phenomenally fine yarn was spun.

Growing cotton from a plant type that is closest to the original muslin plant, the ‘phuti karpas’, along the river banks of Bangladesh.

Revitalising fine weaving by training weavers in fine count (250+) weaving, as current weaving practices had started to decline.

Introducing modern conditions and technical innovations to benefit muslin’s spinning and weaving.

Introduction of ‘new muslin’ weavers and their products to the international market through marketing, packaging and other promotional activities.