Muslin Exhibition

From 5th February 2016, a month-long exhibition, arranged by Drik-Bengal Muslin and attended by over 100,000 visitors, was held at the Bangladesh National Museum.  The exhibition, curated to international standards by ASM Rezaur Rahman, the Drik GM, presented muslin’s story in an exciting and informative manner.  On display were rare muslin artefacts from private and institutional collections around the world, most never before seen in Bangladesh.  Multimedia platforms were used to give an insight into the intricate manufacturing process as superb examples of classic jamdani saris and ‘modern muslin’ woven by Bengal Muslin’s weavers graced the exhibition rooms.  One of the features that fascinated everyone was a master weaver displaying his sublime artistry in fine, high count, jamdani weaving, art work by German artist, Zille Homma Hameed, and tapestries designed by Drik depicting the history of muslin welcomed visitors to an Exhibition that was considered to have been the most popular event in the history of the Bangladesh National Museum.

The event was extensively covered by the media, as over one hundred print and digital stories were released as exclusives, supplements and features that packed the daily papers nationally and internationally.  Television channels built up to the event and continued reporting through talk shows, news items and special reports.