Muslin Night

Models resplendent in 300 count ‘New Muslin’ saris

The story of muslin, its past, its present and its future was revealed against the historical and palatial backdrop of Ahsan Manzil, the abode of Dhaka’s Nawabs.  A dramatic re-enactment of muslin’s rise under Mughal patronage and fall at the hands of the East India Company was presented by Shadhona dance group.  This was followed by a cat walk show featuring current jamdani from Aarong and future muslin using 200 count cloth woven by Drik’s selected weavers.

Twelve designers from the three countries with the strongest connection to muslin’s manufacture and usage took part in the fashion show.  From Bangladesh (Humaira Khan, Kuhu Plamondon, Roxana Mariam, Tenzing Chakma), from India (Aneeth Arora, Darshan Shah, Santanu Das, Soumitra Mondal) and from the UK (Lucky Hossain, Rezia Wahid, Saif Osmani, The Muslin Trust) displayed muslin’s abundant potential for traditional saris as well as contemporary haute couture ensembles.

The dance drama, scripted by Saymon Zakaria, was performed by Lubna Marium’s group, Shadhona.  Azra Mahmood choreographed the fashion show.  Music was composed by Nirjhar Chowdhury to cap off an enchanting evening of education and entertainment.

The event was inaugurated by Minister of Culture, Assaduzzaman Noor, Minisiter of Tourism, RK Menon, Int. Aff. Adviser to the Prime Minister, Gowher Rizvi, Mayor of Dhaka (South) S Khokon and Director BNM , FL Choudhry. It was attended by over a thousand special guests who enjoyed the full show against Ahsan Manzil’s magnificent facade.