Bengal Muslin Team

‘The attempt to revive a lost art is intrinsic to our national sense of pride’

– Shahidul Alam, CEO, Drik

Drik PL is the brainchild of renowned photographer and activist, Shahidul Alam, who formed it in response to the stereotypical portrayals of the global south, ‘the majority world’, by the western media.  Established in 1989, it is a distinctive multimedia organisation that has made provision of high quality customer services and challenging inequality central to its agenda.  Its major areas of expertise are advocacy and awareness campaigns, production of communication material and training.  Using the power of the visual medium and its wide experience, Drik is able to provide a one-stop effective multimedia service through its multiple departments.

Saiful Islam, was the CEO of Drik PL between 2012 and 2016 and during his tenure, early in 2014, he assembled a team consisting of photographers, researchers, curators and a range of contributors who quickly formed into an incredibly dynamic and creative group of cultural activists focussed on bringing muslin alive.  This was the birth of Bengal Muslin.

Today, Bengal Muslin remains an initiative supported by Drik and led by Saiful Islam as the project’s Managing Director and Kamal Hossen as the Manager.

The team in 2016 The current team
Saiful Islam
ASM Rezaur Rahman
Md. Kamal Hossen
Md. Mostafa Sorower
SM Qamruzzaman Parag
Tapash Paul
Zunaid Hossain
Tasmin Tulin
Amina Neyamat
Saiful Islam
Master Weaver Al Amin
ASM Rezaur Rahman
Md. Kamal Hossen