‘This extraordinary textile is the heritage of Bangladesh’

– Ruby Ghuznavi, Founder, Aranya Crafts, Bangladesh.

  • European dresses made from muslin fabric on display
  • The Bangladesh National Museum in Dhaka
  • The Director of the Bangladesh National Museum with the Hon. Minister of Finance
  • A magnified image of a set of 'boal' fish teeth that would be used to clean original muslin cotton
  • A Bengal Muslin weaver displaying his craft at the live weaving station
  • Saiful Islam pointing out areas of 'phuti karpas' cultivation on an old map
  • The Hon. Ministers of Finance and Cultural Affairs inaugurating the Muslin Exhibition
  • Visitors looking at displays at the Muslin Exhibition
  • A visitor in front of a painting of the Empress Josephine who was especially fond of muslin
  • A visitor admiring a painting of a man wearing a turban made of muslin
  • One of many international visitors to the Muslin Exhibition
  • A young visitor being curious about an artefact
  • Sir Fazle Hasan Abed looking intently at old records about muslin
  • A view of the many displays of muslin dresses from Europe
  • Dresses and artefacts on display
  • Rare artefacts being displayed at the Bangladesh National Museum
  • Old myths about muslin cotton is explained