Since the turn of the last century, Muslin, a fabric that is arguably the world’s first global brand and is a significant part of our heritage, sank into obscurity.  Tragically, its glorious history has been usurped, foreign authors have distorted its story and its origins in the villages of Bangladesh often claimed by others.

Bengal Muslin’s ambitious project, commenced in 2014, intends to address this situation by:

  • Raising awareness about muslin’s role and its link with Bangladesh’s history
  • Inspiring efforts for its revival amongst policy holders and private entrepreneurs
  • Bringing recognition and building a sustainable practice amongst its craftspeople 

In 2016, Bengal Muslin undertook a series of activities in partnership with Aarong, Bangladesh National Museum and the Ministry of Culture, Government of Bangladesh.

The Bengal Muslin team will continue to tell the real story, create ‘new muslin’ textiles, and to train and inspire the new generation of artisans and enthusiasts.

The project’s overarching ambition is to return the fabled fabric to its rightful place.