Muslin Film

Poster for the muslin film, ‘Legend of the Loom’.

This ground-breaking film uncovers the full story of the legendary cloth, ‘muslin’, that was known as ‘woven air’ – the fabric that was at the forefront of fashion from the 2nd century AD until the 19th century. Viewers are taken on a breath-taking, 2000 year journey. They see world herbariums containing preserved specimens of ‘phuti karpas’ (Gossypium Arboreum var. Neglecta), the rivers of Bengal along which muslin’s unique plant grew and the notable museums of Europe where the best examples of this fabric are now stored. 

The film guides viewers through the arrival of the first foreigners who came to Bengal in search of its fine textiles, the establishment of empires and the opening of trade routes which began to connect the subcontinent to the wider world.  Along the way, weavers, farmers, experts, designers, scientists and artisans give their views, add information and display techniques which make the story come alive.

‘Legend of the Loom’ has gathered accolades for adding to the documentation about muslin (a ‘fascinating, ground-breaking film’) and international awards for cinematography and direction.  It has been shown in film festivals in Bangladesh, France, Greece, India and the UK and special screenings are regularly held at universities and seminars.

The film is suitable for all ages, though it is ideal from the age of 16 and above. It is specifically aimed at the general public, especially students, artists, academics, craftspeople and others with an interest in the rejuvenation of crafts, textiles, culture, identity, art and the colonial history of South Asia, specifically Bangladesh.

‘Legend of the Loom’ – English, 42 minutes, documentary, colour, 4K; Presented by:  Saiful Islam; Narrated by:  Mita Rahman; Directed by:  Purobi Matin; Cinematography: T9Fx; Produced by: Drik-Bengal Muslin