Our Profile

Established in 1989 by renowned photographer and activist Shahidul Alam, in Dhaka, Bangladesh (www.drik.net), Drik is a distinctive multi-media agency, internationally recognised for its expertise in advocacy and awareness campaigns, production of communication material and training programs. Through its broad range of functions: the Image Agency, Photography, News, Publications, Audio-Visual and Gallery & Event Management departments, Drik offers effective multimedia solutions in a whole range of contexts. The Organization has a wide range of international and national clients and delivers exhibitions and publications both globally and locally, with huge success.
Established in response to the stereotyped portrayals of our world by the western media, the agency was set up as a platform for media practitioners in the global south. It attracts all levels of visual storytellers, from the professional award winning veteran to the enthusiastic beginner in the world of photography, united by a passion to deliver high quality, impactful images.
Drik is an innovative agency, working at the forefront of supporting majority world practitioners, promoting this through its range of initiatives: Pathshala – South Asian Media Academy, DrikNews (news agency), ChobiMela – International Photography Festival, Banglarights and Majority World Agency (sister agency in London). Drik believes in the power of culture and promotes cultural diversity with an emphasis on visual media. Our emphasis on photography relies on the power of the medium to validate history and its ability to create a powerful emotional response, thereby influencing public opinion. There is a commitment to participatory production and the involvement of women, youth and marginalized communities. Our aim is to bring positive change through the professional and effective use of multimedia communication in all areas, as well as to operate a world class multimedia organization which delivers products & services globally, fully meeting our customer needs and is shaped by our ethical agenda.