Muslin Night



Muslin Cultural Show_Ahsan Manjil2016


Muslin’s story, its past, present and future was performed against a historical setting. Its history was depicted through a dance drama performed by Lubna Marium’s group, ‘Shadhona’, scripted by Saymon Zakaria. Current jamdani styles were displayed by Aarong and ‘future muslin’ was shown through dresses made by fashion designers from Bangladesh, India and UK, on 200 count cloth woven by Drik’s selected weavers. With choreography by Azra Mahmood, accompanied by Nijhar Chowdhury’s music, guests were treated to a special light and sound show throughout the event. Future designers were;


  • Aneeth Arora
  • Darshan Shah
  • Humaira Khan
  • Kuhu Plamondon
  • Lucky Hossain
  • Rezia Wahid
  • Roxana Mariam
  • Saif Osmani
  • Santanu Das
  • Soumitra Mondal
  • Tenzing Chakma
  • The Muslin Trust