Future activities

• Alternative Cotton Research
Since the original cotton plant for muslin is rare to find/ nonexistent in current times, Drik will research through new sources of cotton – other plants that are similar to the original plant in characteristics and nature. It is identify if there can be any alternative plants to add in the course of cotton production attaining support from the Cotton Development Board.
• Development of the Spinning process
The manual process of spinning and weaving the cotton for cultivating yarn for muslin is quite extensive. As time passed by, we have lost those skilled weavers and spinners and the compression and pull of fingers adequate for the spinning; Drik would like to develop the spinning skill of spinners to acquire as soft and delicate yarn they can spun similar to previous generation spinners.
• Training
Drik aspires to provide training to the existing hero’s behind muslin/jamdani. Through training the current spinners and weavers, meaning the craftsmen who are involved in producing cotton goods in Bangladesh – Drik’s purpose would be to enhance their skill and knowledge on Muslin.
• Research
As Drik’s research process on cotton/muslin and its origin, evidences and artifacts is ongoing, it plans to practice it in upcoming years as well. As Drik believes it’s a rich section of heritage and history, it requires nourishment of experts and proper concern in finding the flawless facts.
• Knowledge management site/ knowledge platform
Drik plans to create a knowledge platform on Muslin and its origin, where books, journals, articles, expert opinions, professional write-ups from different organizations, agricultural and economical facts concerning muslin, audio visual content, authentic research papers would be stored and managed for further use of research or any initiative by local and international bodies or individuals. The site will also have overall information on Drik’s project and the knowledge will be shared descriptively to provide access to public on the concerning issue.
• Institute of Muslin and Jamdani
With effective support from government, local and international organizations – Drik plans to establish an institute of Muslin and Jamdani; where all the experts and people concerned can learn, share knowledge and work together on the development of cotton and ensure further prosperity of Muslin and Jamdani worldwide.
• Market research
The branding value of Muslin was already established and dominated the world trade for centuries. As today, Drik is aiming to revive its legacy, in future Drik wants to once again re-introduce its uniqueness and break in to the international markets. To raise public concern and to make people recognize the true ownership of Bengal over Muslin – Drik would like to capture the world trade market and retain its branding value.